Upgrade your Home Coffee Maker

If you're in the market for a new coffee maker (or when you are) — we strongly recommend thinking about upgrading to an automatic pour over coffee maker like the Bonavita BV1900TS.

It works just like your current coffee maker (dose the grounds and hit brew), but with a few extra features that make it far superior! In the same way that a Kia and a Porsche are both cars, but.....well.....you get the idea.


For around $150 you can significantly upgrade your daily coffee routine. 

At almost 4-5x more than the your standard $25 household coffee pot, it is a bit of an investment. We get it. But if you're already buying high quality coffee (like Reboot Roasting) you deserve a better coffee experience. The difference is worth every penny. 

The Bonavita is also a great option for small offices (1-10 people). 



Why it's better:

1. It has a spray head that evenly distributes the water over the grounds for even extraction. Very important!

2. The water is quickly heated to between 200 and 205 degrees. The perfect brewing temp according to the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association). 

3. The newer models have a pre-infusion (bloom) cycle. This is important when brewing fresh beans, straight from your favorite roaster.


Other brewers:

In this article we've primarily discussed the Bonavita, but it's not the only brewer certified by the SCA. The other brewers are found here: SCA Certified Home Brewers

Any of these brewers will be worlds better than your budget brewer, but we prefer the Bonavita for its balance of price and performance.


Also to note:

We recommend the Bonavita model with the thermal carafe (BV1900TS). Even though the Bonavita with glass carafe and hotplate (BV1901GW) is carefully calibrated to not overheat the coffee, sitting for extended periods of time on a hot plate will negatively affect the flavor. In general we recommend staying away from models with hot plates.