Matt Boshart  Owner, Reboot Roasting

I'm just a dude who loves people, conversations, and coffee.

In early 2015, I started Reboot Roasting with the goal of roasting fantastic specialty grade coffee, meeting lots of awesome people, and being the most approachable coffee roaster around.

I'm what most people would call a bit of a nerd. The subject? It doesn't really matter. I find a way to get in there, root around, and really geek it up. Take coffee roasting, for example. A few years ago I said to myself "I like coffee....I should build a coffee roaster!" And I did — the love child of a Stir Crazy popcorn popper and a Sunpentown convection oven. The first time I fired that sucker up (and burned the living daylights out of the beans) I knew I was in love. There were stats, figures, data points.....the kind of stuff that get people like me all worked up.

With this propensity for geekery, comes the never ending urge to learn and get better at my craft. What does this mean for you? Better coffee! 

Matt Boshart  // Owner

Matt Boshart // Owner



So where can you find us?

People ask if they can swing by our retail space. The answer is nope! Why? Well...we don't have one. 

The roasting magic happens at a commercial kitchen in Bellevue, NE. Right now we’re just focusing on our roasting, and getting fresh coffee to all you crazy knuckleheads (insert virtual noogie here). 

You can buy our beans on this very website (you're already here), at various local events or at partner locations around Omaha.

Matt Boshart of Reboot Roasting holding green unroasted coffee beans

Ambex Roaster


Take a look at this big,
beautiful, bean browning beast!

All of our production roasting is done on our Ambex YM-5.

It's about as bare bones as they come. No automation or bells and whistles. It's all sight, sound and smell...just the way we like it.

Our Ambex is a 5kg roaster built in Clearwater, FL. We purchased it from a shop near Minneapolis, MN that was in the process of being bought out by another company — so here she sits.