What's in our Coffee Cupboard

Ever wonder what a coffee roaster keeps in their home's coffee counter? Here is a little sneak peek at mine, with a little about each item and why I use them.

The tidiness of my cupboard is exaggerated for effect. It usually looks like this.

A) Coffee Maker
I love the Bonavita. It's one of the few coffee brewers certified by the SCAA to meet their guidelines, and the price isn't too crazy. Sure there are more expensive models out there, such as the Moccamaster Technivorm, but the Bonavita is a solid machine that won't disappoint.

B) Pour-Over
Every coffee cupboard needs to have some sort of manual pour-over device. The market for these has exploded over the past few years, so there are almost too many to make a recommendation. Let's me honest though. When it comes down to it, its a funnel with a filter, over a cup. Pick one that sounds interesting to you, and start brewing!

C) Aeropress
What if I told you that one of my favorite coffee gadgets was made by a company that primarily makes frisbees? Well, the Aerobie Aeropress is exactly that. Invented by Aerobie, it has become a favorite for many people the world over.

D) Chemex
The Chemex has a strange story. They were actually invented way back in 1941. There's even a fair chance that your great grandma had one that she never used. Fast forward 75 years and the Chemex has become a favorite of coffee enthusiasts. It's my favorite method of brewing coffee at home.

E) Scale
Getting down to the nitty-gritty of coffee geekery is tricky if you cant measure your coffee dosing or water weight. So, buy a cheap little kitchen scale and get your nerd on!

F) Kettle
A good kettle is going to be one of the most important purchases you can make when jumping into the world of manual brewing. Do yourself a favor and get a goose-neck kettle. They have much better control when pouring those fancy concentric circles. The kettle in my pic is the Stagg Kettle from Fellow.

G) Coffee
It's not a coffee counter if you forget the coffee! Make sure you have fresh roasted coffee from your favorite roaster. 

H) Filters
In this pic I'm only displaying my box of Chemex filters, but for all of the gadgets seen, I actually have quite the variety. I have #4 cone filters for the Bonavita and the pour-over cone, I have round paper filters for the Aeropress, and I have a few reusable cotton filters from Coffeesock...which I use for the pour-over cone and the Chemex from time to time.

I) Mugs
For a lot of people, their mug collection says a lot about their personality. Get mugs that you like, and get lots of them! Who knows when your friends are going to stop by for a cup of coffee and a good conversation. 

J) Espresso Cups
While you could technically just pull your espresso shots into anything that will fit under the portafilter, it's a lot more fun to use a demitasse cup. Just remember, pinky finger extended! 

K) Sugar
While I'm not a fan of adding sugar to my coffee, you've gotta have it for when company stops in. Blasphemy, right? Nah, its cool. Drink your coffee how you enjoy it and don't let anyone tell you it's wrong. 

L) Tea
How did that get in there?! We're not here to talk about tea. Moving on!

M) Espresso Maker
This bright shining beacon of caffeine is a Rocket Giotta Evoluzione R. There's not much to say about it, except for its amazing. If you're looking for an outstanding home espresso machine, check out the lineup from Rocket.

N) Grinder
I am a loyal fan of the ole' Baratza Encore. You can read all about my grinder thoughts here. It's a bare bones workhorse that every home coffee enthusiast should own.

O) Knockbox
I mean, you could just knock your espresso pucks out on the floor.....but we're not savages! Get a knockbox to keep your coffee counter clean and tidy.

P) Unroasted Beans
As a coffee roaster, I have green coffee beans everywhere! I cant open a cupboard or drawer without finding some. If you're not a coffee roaster, this probably wont happen to you. But for me...the struggle is real.


Alrighty, that's it! As always, if you have any questions about equipment or otherwise, feel free to reach out. We love hearing from you!